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  • apicot skirt by the sea side

    Yesterday’s outfit for a walk on the beach. As you can easily see at my hair it was very windy and a bit difficult to take pictures but that’s so typical for the North sea
    , it’s aaaalways windy here.^^

    Btw actually the plan was that I stay there for three more weeks but mostly things don’t turn out the way you expect… I got the message that my dog is ill and he’s very badly off. So I decided to drive home directly and be there for him. Maybe it’s a bit hard to comprehend for people who don’t have a dog but I’m sure the ones of you who have one knows exactly how it feels – a dog is a family member and wouldn’t we all be there for our family whatever it takes!?
    Now I will try to give him his medicine with some liver sausage as motivation.^^
    Keep your fingers crossed.<3

    jacket, top and skirt from Zara // bag, shoes and earrings from H&M


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