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    What to do when you are still awake at 5am?! I took the possibilty and cleaned up my wardrobe, heard the three Investigators ( ‘die ???’), watched a lot of
    make-up and hair tutorials on Youtube, learned some hours for the school, red the newest Instyle over and over again and now listening to music and writing this blogpost.^^ I hope my daddy gets up soon so that I can spend the time with him and eat breakfast because I think I have to give in with sleeping, I have so much energy but I don’t know why, heeeelp.^^ I have to work tomorrow, or better today and I hope the energy will last until I can knock off.

    In the pictures you can see an outfit which I wore about two weeks ago when my best friend and I spent the weekend in beautiful Potsdam and Berlin. We both felt directly in love with Potsdam, it’s such an amazing city and we consider if we should move there when we start studying at an university, hehe.

    You can also see that I used to wear this hat a lot in the last time but I simply love it! It’s such an easy-going accessory. Besides my yellow coat it is one of my favorites for this spring time. And when we are honestly we all need this kind of basic trenchcoat ( and hat and blouse and boots)  in our wardrobe. Okay, I realize I find every piece necessary and I think that are the typical excuses by a shopaholic, haha.

    My playlist ( which I just made for this night some hours ago, how weird can a person be?! haha)  repeats for the 6th time now, I think I have to change something.^^ I will put my laptop away and take the time to learn a bit more or for a run soon, phew to many possibilities.

    Enjoy your day/ night peeps!<3

    coat from H&M ( similar here ) // blouse from Zara ( similar here ) // jeans from Asos ( similar here ) // boots from JustFab ( similar here ) // bag from mango ( similar here ) //

     hat from H&M ( similar here )

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