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    I totally forgot about this look. I wore it last Saturday when my best friend and I went to a very good handball match. It was weird to watch a play because I played handball for
    about 10years and for awhile it dominated my life. I was so ambitious and tried to get better and better but sometime the pressure get to big and I decided to take a break and try new things. I have to say that this was so important for me to this time in my life, when you aren’t happy anymore with the things you do, don’t stress yourself, instead stop it and reorientate yourself. It sounds like a small thing that I stopped playing handball but for me it was a big step and I’m happy for all the things which I learned in this time and the places that I get to know. Be happy for the the time you had and the experinces you get but never do something for a longer time which makes you stressed and unhappy. You all know the saying ‘You only live once but whenyou do it right one time is enough’. Never forget it my strong ladys!<3

    jacket from Mango // shirt and jeans from Zara // shoes from Converse

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