beige trenchcoat meets leopard silk blouse

I remembered when I brought this trenchcoat some months ago in the sale for 10euros. I thought that this one is relatively cool and that it is okay to wear it for 2-3 times because
of the low price. In the beginning I was insecure with the lenght.  But I felt more and more in love with it and in the moment I wear it steady.
I wanted a harmonic look and combined a light leopard blouse in stylish crop lenght and silk texture and the dark brown, feminine boots.
My beauties I have to learn for a examen now, it will be about traditional religions and it’s super exciting, not. *snoozingemoji* Haha.
 Sleep well everyone!<3

trenchcoat from H&M // jeans from Asos // blouse and shoes from Zara

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