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    This is the full look of one of my outfits which I wore in Berlin. I put it on in the evning because as a day time outfit it was definitly to warm with the thight skirt. For us it was a little bit hard
    to handle the heat (36degrees celsius) in a city, normally we are used to go to the baltic sea when it gets to hot and cool down in the sea.^^ Of course there are also lakes or open air baths but maybe you can unterstand that this it not the same when you have the luck to grow up by the sea. But now we are back and can go bathing as often as we want. I prefer to do it together with my dog, all my friends know that I’m quasi addicted to swim with my dog because it is just to sweet when he tries to climb on my arm like a baby to cuddle and have a break from swimming, oh I just love it! Btw right now he is lying next to me on the couch and is peacefully sleeping and snorring. haha.♥

    Sleeping and snorring it’s the right sign for me to say goodnight now.♥

    shirt and shoes from H&M // skirt from Zara // bag from Promod 


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