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    Say hello to my new (maybe a bit to ) short dress.^^ But it’s no problem when you wear a shorts under it to be prepared when it’s windy or you have to master stairs and co, haha. Nevertheless it’s all worth it because the paisley pattern
    is very cute and trendy this summer. I think you can style it in different ways, I already wore it with some hippie jewelry and more brown accessoires but this time I decided to comine it a bit more modern and classy with a black cateye sunglasses, orange/ apricot (? I’m so bad at colors sometimes, haha) lipstick, orange (! this time I’m sure ) shoes, the clutch in leopard pattern, the statement rings and the long trenchcoat. That’s really the best thing about fashion, you can wear the same clothes in so many different ways, play around with the styles and express your different moods with them!:)

    Now it’s time to spend this beautiful evening ( I think the summer is finally back here with 28degrees celsius, yippie ) with a walk by the sea side.

    dress and shoes from Mango // coat from H&M // bag from Zara 


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