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    Good morning peeps:) In the moment it’s really cold here for summer time and it’s also so rainy and windy all the time. So I had to put on this coat (in July!!!) which I found one month ago

    in the Zara Sale and it’s a very easy way to refresh your outfit with a statement coat like this. I already have one in yellow which I wear a loooot, so I thought it was time for another color and this time I got red.

    Btw I made it to gym yesterday, you can’t imagine how proud I was afterwards.^^ So it’s definitly time to make it as a ritual again, going to the gym about three times a week. So let this ritual conitue and I will go to the gym now before I’ve changed my mind, haha. 

    Have a nice day♥


    coat and shirt from Zara // jeans from Asos // belt and shoes from H&M


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