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    Hey peeps 🙂 Last week I was in London with my parents. I got it as a present for my birthday and it was a very cozy shopping trip. We were so lucky because
    it was sale time, hehe. Todays shoes were also a bargain which I found in one of the six Zara stores in that I went. Some time ago I thought about buying this shoes in silver but since I already had my silver slip-ons, I decided that one pair of silver shoes is enough for one season. So I was very happy when I found them in golden. Thanks Sale, you are the best invention eeever, haha.

    Btw tomorrow it’s prom night and I think every girl already knows what to wear, how to style the hair and which make-up to put on, so I guess I’m the only one who know nothing of this. The only thing I know is that I will hate myself for that tomorrow and maybe get a biiit into stress but I will find a solution for this problem tomorrow.^^

    Now it’s time to pack my luggage for the next adventure which will start on Sunday but it’s really difficult to pack for four weeks. From where I should know what I will want to wear in 3 or 4 weeks?! Heeeelp.^^

    blazer, trousers and earrings from H&M // top, bag and shoes from Zara


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