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    That’s a typical Sunday look for me. I like to keep it simple when no special activities are planned. You never can go wrong with a blouse, a (destroyed) jeans and a trenchcoat and
    as a small eyecatcher I decided to put on my golden budapest shoes.

    So today it’s all about cleaning, tiding up, doing the shopping, searching for a possible university and writing applications – so what a beautiful day, isn’t it!?^^ But when I hurry up a bit I have the time to go to the gym in the evening, it’s high time because I got sooo lazy the last months. It’s weird how your habits can change, half a year ago it was normal for me to go to the gym 5times a week but then it slowly got less because I made myself a lot stress for the final examen and felt bad when I worked out instead of learning so I sat down by my desk and maybe went to the gym at most one time per week. Now I will try to motivate myself and go to the gym more often and also try to eat healthier. We will see how it works.^^


    trenchcoat from H&M // blouse, jeans and shoes from Zara // bag from Mango


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