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    It’s Friday again and that’s means it’s time again for a girl’s night out! My best friend and I have this ritual that we meet eachother every friday evening/night. Unfortunately we don’t have the time
    to meet us in the weeks the most time so we enjoy the time on the weekends so much. In my opinion it’s very important to have some rituals in your daily life to relax and get away of the  hectic. For me it’s very relaxing and I have something to look forward in the week. Maybe you could think that it’s sounds a bit stressy to have a fixed date every week but for us it’s, like I said, very relaxing, the perfect finish of the stressful week and perfect start into the weekend.
    We have both the same interests and prefer relaxing evenings like going in our favorite bar (of course sometimes also with some other friends but we also like to go in pairs) or just having a cozy night-in in bed, watching movies, eating sweets, listening to the ‘Drei ???’ (it’s a german audio book serie, haha we will be children forever in this case) or just talking about everything.<3 
     We sound a bit like a old married couple, haha, but for us it’s very important part of the week and it’s fun to have this ritual.
    In this spirit, I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I will do my homeworks quickely and then it’s time for my girl and partner in crime. *emojiwithsunglasses*

    pullover from Marc O’Polo // trousers from Zara // shoes from H&M

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