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    Wow what a beautiful sunny
    day today! The sun was shining the whole day and I enjoyed it with my best
    friend. First we were lying in the garden, drank some fruit limonade, listened

    music and all in short clothes!! So nice! In the afternoon we decided to
    make a cabrio tour into the city and drank some coffee and went into our
    favorite bar. Now I’m chilling on the couch with my mum and watch a movie, so
    cozy! I think I don’t have to say how perfect this day was?!^^ I hope you also
    had a nice day and had the time to enjoy the beautiful weather.:)

    I borrowed this skirt by a
    friend and I just love the color! It’s so good to have stylish friends to
    borrow clothes, haha. But unfortunately the skirt is very short so I wore this
    trenchcoat all the time also in rooms, i looked like a weirdo, haha!!:D 

    So good night my beautiful

    coat from H&M // pullover Marc O’ Polo // skirt from Topshop //
    sneaker from Nike Air Max 

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