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    This is my absolute  favorite jacket in the moment and finally I can wear it without freezing or without a big winter parka over it. But the good weather isn’t only influencing our
    outfits but also the mood. When the sun is shining it’s so good for the body and well-being. It’s one of the easiest ways to get happy and it’s also free. So it don’t have to be shopping every time to get in a better mood, haha! But what makes me the most happy is the snorring of my dog who is lying next to time while I’m blogging, best combination!<3 So you have the chance to guess three times who is lying next to me in the moment and is snorring!? Haha^^

    Btw today was the first time that I tried spray-tan and I’m intent about the result but it’s need a little time and I can first see it tomorrow in the afternoon. I will definitly post a picture by instagram and of course you will see the result by the next outfit posts. Oh it’s sooo exciting to try something for the first time, hehe.

    jacket from H&M // jeans from Levis // shirt from Closed // bag from Zara // shoes from a little shop in Italy

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    1. Oktober 1, 2015 / 5:32 am

      Really love this look. So many bomber designs are so…bombastic these days. Nice to see a composed and well thought out look like this one (love the quilted design too).

      Green Bomber Jackets

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