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    Zara Sale did good things to me! I found this jacket on the weekend and fall totally in love. This winter I found so many things in the Zara Sale e.g. this brown boots. Sale is
    just such a cool invenion! What would we do without it? Maybe spent a way to much money into fashion, haha. But I think it is worth it because for me fashion is one of the best ways to show your personality! Fashion is art! So enjoy it and don’t take it to serious, it should be fun and you should feel comfortable, that is the most important part.

    I always had a passion for fashion ( my mum made me a photo album to my 18. birthday with pictures from my birth until then and you can see that I aaalways played around with fashion).I just love it! 

    But now I have to change from English language to Spanish and learn a bit because on Thursday it’s examen time, jippie…

    Good night girls!<3

    jacket, jeans and shoes from Zara // shirt from H&M

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