dark green blouse meets bright spring look

Do you really know my dark green blouse? No? Then it’s definitly time that I show you it!^^ I brought this blouse in two colors already and maybe some more will follow
because I like to style it and play around with it. This time I tried a bright spring look with beige colors and jeans and the next time I will maybe try a style with darker colors or black and white.:)

This week went by so fast and it’s already Thursday. I have no examen this week and next one, so it is really relaxing in the moment. So it’s time to enjoy the weekend with my girls do a night-out and go shopping, because like all you girls know this problem, I have nothing to wear, haha! Okay just kidding because I have to save some money for a project which I will start in autumn but I will tell you some more information about it in an extra post but it is something really cool!:)

trenchcoat from H&M // jeans from Asos // blouse from Zara // shoes from Aldo

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