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    Sometimes all you need are basics. I wasn’t in the mood to wear something special or extravagante but in my opinion also as a ‘fashionblogger’ you need to wear very simple outfits
    now and then. I’m a huge fan of jewelry and like to wear many, many rings, earrings and necklaces but sometimes less is more and I prefer a small nacklace. You can’t do something wrong with a pullover, jeans and boots, so it’s the perfect choice for those days when you don’t know what to wear and don’t want to look to elegante or classy or anything else, hehe.
    It’s finally Saturday but unfortunately I have to handle many things today, like homeworks, learning cleaning up and plan some things for the time after I made my graduation in the summer. But tomorrow my best friend and I are going to Hamburg to wtch the football play into the stadium, oh how much I love to be there, it’s such a nice feeling. Afterwards we decided to go out and eat something in the city, it’s going to be nice girls day. 🙂

    pullover from Mango // jeans and shoes from Zara // necklace from H&M

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